Summer Prep Web Design 2011

Week 2 Daily Worklist

Day 6 (Week 2)

Welcome back young web designers.  Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July weekend.

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1) Please patiently go through each of your classmates websites on the "Student Showcase" page(s).  Open (click on) each of their pages.  If they have a "blog" please write (add a comment) something on it.  Then leave a comment and positive opinion of their website on the class's "Student Showcase" webpage.

2) A) Class 1 @ 10:30 am > please continue working on your websites: 1) personal, 2) a business, and a third of any kind.
    B) Class 2 @ 11:25 am > please watch the Dreamweaver Introduction video (from Adobe TV) to get started and let's learn the Adobe Dreamweaver program features and capabilities.  Needed files can be found @ > under "Attachments."

> We will be Saving our websites on the school's network drive "W:" and > in the "Summer Prep" folder > in "Students"
Thank you very much!

Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial(s) from Adobe TV

In this 1st video tutorial on Dreamweaver, we are introduced to what the web is and to 2 terms: URL and HTML.

Files needed to be downloaded and opened in Dreamweaver (2 versions)

These files can also be found on the network's "S:" drive > Students > Web Design > Dreamweaver elements.
File Size: 106 kb
File Type: docx
Download File

File Size: 27 kb
File Type: doc
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Day 7 (Week 2)

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Dreamweaver tutorial video 2 below > where we learn how to add and format text (headings).

Day 8 (Week 2)

Hello Web Designers.

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Class 1: Please printout your favorite or best page from your website and label the parts you have in it: text, title/heading, picture/image, video, blog, contact form, etc.

Adobe Dreamweaver tutorial 3 (below) or try this link:
"index.html" needed for tutorial lessons 3
File Size: 2 kb
File Type: html
Download File

Today, Day 9 (Week 2)