Summer Prep Web Design 2011

Week 2, Days 8-10 Worklist

Day 8

Hello Web Designers.

Please sign-in @

Class 1: Please printout your favorite or best page from your website and label the parts you have in it: text, title/heading, picture/image, video, blog, contact form, etc.

Dreamweaver tutorial video 3 below, or also at weblink:

Day 9 (Week 2)

Dreamweaver tutorial video # 4, Importing and Adjusting Images, NOTES

In this video our goal is to learn and practice the basic steps of adding images to our webpage.

Our goals are to:

1) Find the image: "olives.psd" (Photoshop doc) or "olives.jpeg" in our "Assets" > then "Images" folder > on the "summerprep [S:]" drive > in the "Web Design Summer Prep" folder > in the "Students" folder > in the "Ristorante Paolo" folder.
2) Adjust the image to a "JPEG Medium" format in Photoshop. (or skip to just adding the JPEG files of the same.
3) Add image to the webpage by clicking in front of the "Classic" word to insert cursor. Then go to "Insert" on top menu bar, and select "Image." > Follow the prompts and create an "Images" folder in your "MyWebsite" file folder.
4) In the "Properties" box at the bottom of your Dreamweaver page, adjust "Align" > to "Left" to move the text to be up alongside the image.
5) Save, and it should save it as your new "index.html" (homepage).

Please fell free to rewatch the video to take your time and learn the steps.

You may want to download a free 30-day trial of the Adobe Dreamweaver program at home to practice.  And watch the free tutorial videos on Adobe TV's website, or rewatch the ones available on our class website here..

Today, Day 10 (Week 2)

Good Day Web Designers!  Welcome to the end of another productive week.

Please sign-in: TWO OPTIONS NOW
1) Click @
2) Answer below in embedded document:

THEN answer the checklist below also

Dreamweaver tutorial video # 5, Linking to Websites and E-mail, below, or @

Today's goals are to: 1) add a hyperlink to text ("Tuscan(y)") that is clickable and sends web visitors to another website (Wikipedia about Tuscany)
2) add a link to a name (Chef Paolo) that will open up their e-mail program so visitors can e-mail you.

Have a super weekend!  See you Monday for another "work" week.