Summer Prep Web Design 2011

Favorite Articles, Links

On-line Animation Creation Websites    

Both may require e-mail addresses to sign in and use, so be prepared for that if you want to use it.
1) Aniboom
2) Sketch-Star (cannot be viewed at some schools because it is blocked)
(above clip is an embedded HTML file and an example of animation submitted on

Web Designer Job Glimpse

Website for Web Designer Jobs:
(one only website of many to find web designer jobs)

2 Web Designer Jobs Listing from   

With Adobe Dreamweaver listed as a skill, and salary range of $50,000-$70.000. (6-22-11 posting)
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Website of Inspirational Websites


Favorite artists

A Japanese woman photographer who is becoming popular for her levitating photographs of herself.

Read more @ this online article.

Or at her own website @

Favorite song about Facebook    

By the band Revive, who started in Australia.  They created it for their 10,000th Facebook friend.  It's fun and creative, especially when they created it for one Friend.

Example of using Custom HTML to put a tv video on my website

(2 previews of shows come before the tv episode of "The Jetsons" = I wish they didn't put there)

One student's cinematic video game clip from his website

encouragement to start your learning simple at first; begin in small steps

(private video for educational purposes only: please e-mail me, Mr. Bonzon, if you would like to see it temporarily.