Summer Prep Web Design 2011

Week 1 Daily Worklist

Week 1 for our Creative Labs Web Design Studio

GOALS: This 1st week we will introduce elements of design, free template website creation sites (primarily, and intro to Dreamweaver.

ROUTINES: Every day, sign-in. Then sign-in to your site, and work on building/creating/improving your website.  [Note: if students need more challenge, then can move onto learning Adobe Dreamweaver ahead of the class, and/or create/work-on a website they have already created.]

Once students like their changes and improvements to their website, they are encouraged to "Publish" it and click on their live website URL address to see if their changes are there.

Please start bookmarking, saving, and printing out some of your favorite websites, and mark them up for their basic design elements: heading, site bar navigation, URL address, title, etc.

At the END of your 1st day, in the last 5 minutes of the class, go to our class's blog page and enter how your class and day here has been so far.

Day 1 - Welcome. Please sign-in (not with blood please since it is the issue of life).

Please start by signing in at http://

Then, using your Weebly username and password (given to you by Mr. Bonzon), sign into and explore.  Weebly is a click-and-drag web creation, on-line system.  Tools are selected at the top and then dragged into your page.  You be asked to give your website a name.  Don't forget to save your web creation as you go.

You are encouraged to design (create) one of two possible websites: personal or business.  Personal could be about you, your family, a pet, friends, a list of favorites (movies, tv shows, music, artists, athletes, etc.).  Or for a business website, you can create a real or fake business.  You can help create one for your parents' company or self-employed business.  You can sell your own products or services.

We went over how to click-n-drag for text, photos, and how to save photos (images) from a website (place cursor over image and right click your mouse > "Save Picture as" and save it to your "My Pictures" on your computer's hardrive.  Then it can be easily placed into your website by finding it on your computer when you go to "Edit" or add your image. (1b)

Mr. Bonzon will introduce some websites and we will look at its basic elements of design, and purpose.

We looked at how to:
1) add pictures, text, and change designs, 
    a) when adding pictures, we learned to open up a new tab window in the browser and find the picture (ex. Google images)
and right-click it to > "Save Picture as" into our "My Pictures" folder on our hard drive, then add it to our webpage.
2) change the title of the website and its web address

Day 2 - "Mission Impossible" Assignment, "this message will self-destruct."

Today, DAY 2 - Please start your creative work day by signing in and answering the questions @

Then, please try to e-mail your parents and yourself this webpage so you can show them what you are working on it this studio and so you can refer back to it from home or on the go.  Thanks.  If your web browser can e-mail, you can usually find the option under > File (in the menubar at top).

Please find a favorite webpage you like and think it has basic or great design, and print it our (to color printer).  Please label the necessary parts of a webpage on you.

We looked at how to:

1) add YouTube videos (click-n-drag option under "Multimedia"),
    a) select the bottom right arrow up icon in the YouTube window > add select the menu looking one right above that arrow > to find your desired video on YouTube 
    b) then you must copy the URL address for that video into the YouTube blue bar in Weebly = to make it permanent > then "Publish" it to make it stay (stick) and see it on your live website.

 2) an online poll (using click-n-drag of the Poll Daddy icon > onto your page)

Day 3 - Re-assess Our Objectives (Goals). Is our plan of attack working?

Day 3 of our mission to conquer the world through web control, I mean design, we will 1) analyze a website, and 2) work to complete ours by Friday.

and mission papers @

We looked at how to:

1) add games going through Weebly's few icons that are only available through "Add Blog" in the "Pages" tab,
    a) then click-n-dragging of game icon that is newly available on the blog page under "Fun" > and it only can be added to the right side bar of the page, and
    b) when there, it can be moved to another one of your pages by clicking on green swoosh arrow at the top left of the game window, and selecting the page you want to "Move" it to.  You may have to move the game insert window to the side to see the "Move to/Copy to" window.

Weebly video to get you started.

Day 4 - Completion near?

Good Morning Web Designers.  

Please check-in before you start work on your website: @

Day 5 - Website Creation Complete?

Hope you had a good work week learning to create websites.

Please sign-in @

We may be sharing your website with your classmates and fellow web designers.